Who We Are


Board of Directors

The Atlantic Provinces Medical Peer Review operates with a Board of Directors made up of one representative from each of the six supporting bodies.

The current members of the Board

Mr. Anthony Knight, Chair
Fredericton, NB
New Brunswick Medical Society
Mr. Jamie Osmond
St. John’s, NL
College of Physicians & Surgeons of Newfoundland & Labrador
Ms. Lea Bryden
Charlottetown, PEI
Medical Society of Prince Edward Island
Dr. Christine Veale
Charlottetown, PEI
College of Physicians & Surgeons of Prince Edward Island
Dr. Ed Schollenberg
Rothesay, NB
College of Physicians and Surgeons of New Brunswick
Ms. Lynn Barter
St. John’s, NL
Newfoundland & Labrador Medical Association
Assessment Review Committee (ARC)

Current Members of the Assessment Review Committee are:

Dr. Robert Daigle, Chair (non-voting)
New Brunswick
Dr. Christine Veale
Prince Edward Island
Dr. Robert J. Fisher
New Brunswick
Dr. John Collingwood
Newfoundland & Labrador

Following an office assessment visit, the assessor submits a report to the APMPR Assessment Committee, comprised of physicians representing the three APMPR member provinces. This Committee is made up of a minimum of three voting members, all former assessors, and a non-voting chair named by the APMPR Board of Directors. It usually meets several times each year by telephone conference call, and may meet in person for physician interviews when necessary.

The Committee reviews each report and arrives at a decision as to whether the practice is satisfactory, what improvements may be required, or if a personal interview with the physician is necessary. It is important to note that the Committee is not aware of the identity of the physicians it reviews, as the reports are submitted by APMPR number only.

If a personal interview is deemed necessary, the Assessment Committee (or other specialist physicians as required) meets with the physician in question, who is asked to bring with him/her the same files as those reviewed by the assessor, and possibly current ones as well. In advance of the interview, physicians are made aware of the identity of the Committee members.

Following the interview, the Assessment Committee may make recommendations for corrective action to be taken by the physician, suggest that a reassessment be scheduled, or determine that the practice is satisfactory and terminate the process. In serious (and rare) circumstances, the Assessment Committee may recommend to the APMPR Board of Directors that a physician be referred to the appropriate licensing authority as a complaint. A decision to refer is not made by the Assessment Committee. It is determined only after careful consideration by the APMPR Board of Directors.

Enabling Legislation





You May Download a Copy of our Enabling Legislation

New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador

Prince Edward Island

Our Office

The Atlantic Provinces Medical Peer Review
23 High Street, Suite 30
Moncton, N.B.
E1C 6B4
(506) 852-4441
Fax: (506) 852-4525
E-mail: info@apmpr.ca

Executive Director:
Ms. Sue Murray

Medical Director:
Dr. Robert Daigle, M.D.

Program Coordinator:
Mrs. Chantale Landry